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Insights to Name Change from Advanced Broadcast Solutions - Asia to "Elevate Broadcast"

Dennis Breckenridge CEO of "Elevate Broadcast" shares the reason to transform Advanced Broadcast Solutions Asia

to its new name "Elevate Broadcast". In the past two and a half years the company has grown and proven its influence in Asia. With this success we felt a name which represents our companies goals and expertise is critical to reflect our vision. Elevate Broadcast is striving to not just supply products and services but to help our customers rise or Elevate to the level they envision through tailored services and product supply.

The rising complexity and confusion in the market with the new technologies such as UHD and IP are definitely growing and critical to future success however there is not a one size fits all solution. It is not enough to copy and paste designs for customers but to look at the real requirements, personal, environment, budget, and goals to help lead them to the best solution. It is a changing world and changing business with not only production and system designs but also the way our customers reach their audience. We must consider both to help find the right solution.

We will continue our commitment to supply superior service, products, and professional services as we transition to this new "elevated" way of design Broadcast Systems.

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