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Video Over IP - WTF?

Real-time IP video has many different flavors depending on the application. The first question to look at is What is The Flow? Understanding the environment, quality, use cases and for that matter how the video is processed helps to define or narrow down the appropriate choices/options. IABM has put together a panel industry gurus to debate the options, use cases and also de facto vs actual standards. As a bonus we will have a short presentation on the new proposal on IP for Pro AV called IPMX.


  • Stan Moote,CTO, IABM - CHAIR

  • Karl Paulsen, CTO, Diversified

  • Dennis Breckenridge, CEO, Elevate Broadcast

  • Marc Risby, Group CTO, Boxer Systems

  • Andrew Starks, Director of Product Management, Macnica Americas

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