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In order to meet the needs of our customers Elevate Broadcast focuses on four areas.



We do high-end, 24/7 broadcast consulting, integration and deployments every day. The foundation of our business is based upon our broadcast industry successes. We are continually immersed in the opportunities and challenges facing today’s station and network personnel. Your perfect plan for a new system is not just about hardware, but considers and enhances your unique workflow, facility, and staff. People are the core of your business. We help you maximize the abilities of your team with focused training and skills development.  In Video, Online, and Radio we have you covered.



In today’s increasingly competitive, global environment, corporations need to use video more than ever. A high-performance video and audio infrastructure can help companies create a strong brand identity, train the sales force, communicate with customers, and make the CEO shine. We’re ready and able to build your state-of-the art video studios, upgrade your existing facilities, and create workflows that support any application including: online, e-learning, instructional videos, and corporate presentations.

We can also upgrade the digital projection and multimedia capabilities of your conference and meeting rooms.



Working in a government environment requires building trust and community­ while making the most of tax dollars. Voters expect more than occasional meeting video and press releases. They want engagement, transparency, and feeling that they know who’s in charge and what they’re up to.

When it comes to economic development, video is one of the most powerful and persuasive tools you’ve got. Whether you’re marketing your area or services to private companies, grant funders, or lawmakers involved in making budgetary decisions, compelling video is a must.

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You have a growing need to use technology to engage youth and to reach more people’s eyes, ears, hearts and minds.

When updating video and audio systems in your building or satellite campus, we know that financial concerns are front-and-center. We want to help you be good stewards of the resources with which you’ve been blessed. Our vast experience and knowledge base serves your congregation, helping you avoid costly mistakes and installing equipment that your volunteers can operate and maintain.



Whether you need to build a video facility at an arena, retrofit a theater for multimedia presentations, or outfit HD trucks and fly-packs for remote production, we can help. If the challenge is to deliver video to a big screen or multiple screens-for live events like sports tournaments and industry conferences – we know digital projection, surround sound, and all of the infrastructure necessary to produce dynamic video presentations within large venues.

So if you need video and online synergy for your live event, our team of designers, project  managers and engineers will recommend and deliver solutions that meet your technical requirements, budget, and deadline, and produce results that exceed viewer expectations.

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