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Forever Group Myanmar - Goes on Air in Yegu with Elevate Broadcast

Forever Group a major DVB-T2 and DTH broadcaster expands it's facilities with a Yegu complex. This six studio complex featuring the largest which is over 900sq/m was Integrated by Elevate Broadcast. This new complex hosts Entertainment, Drama and News and Sports production plus full post production facilities.

Elevate Broadcast designed a systems including Octopus News Room, Grass Valley Stratus PAM system, Ross Video Expression Graphics and Production Switchers and Nevion Fiber Transmission systems. Today Forever Group is producing programs such as X-Factor, Good Morning Myanmar and many more programs live from the complex.

"It is our great pleasure to work with Forever Group on this landmark facility" said Dennis Breckenridge CEO Elevate Broadcast. "We are very proud of the cooperation and team work between Forever Group and Elevate Broadcast on this project. Elevate Broadcast did not see our place as a system integrator so much as a partner and consultant on this project. It is challenging to move from a very manual simple system to a integrated system with automation and production tools which can accelerate the production and efficiency but does have a learning curve, Forever Group has done a great job at this transition and we are very proud of the cooperation."


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